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Brass Ager (Quart)

Brass Ager (Quart)


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Our large bottle of brass aging solution is used to quickly add a beautiful antique patina to solid brass hardware.  This is the same product we use every day in-house to hand age keys and other brass parts for our customers.  You will find our brass ager to be easy to use for many projects requiring your new brass parts to match existing parts on your antiques.  Simply clean your shiny brass parts, submerge them in solution, rinse in water, and dry.  If your parts are not dark enough for your liking they can be aged again in the same solution.  To create natural-looking highlights you can buff the aged parts with a soft cloth and metal polish made for brass.  This chemical will work on unlacquered brass as well as copper and steel.  Only need to age a small part or two?  Try our 8-ounce size, M-3.

  • 32 ounce Bottle
  • Light blue acid based solution
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