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Tin Ager (8 Ounce)

Tin Ager (8 Ounce)


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Tin Ager is used for darkening and antiquing hardware like pie-safe tins and flower bins.  A must when replacing shiny new tin on antique furniture.  To antique your tin parts make sure to wear latex gloves to prevent fingerprints from showing on your final product.  Use grade #000 steel wool and denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner.  Scrub the tin with the solvent and steel wool thoroughly then rinse and dry.  Now brush on the tin ager until you have the aging effect you are looking for.  This step may take a few minutes depending on how dark you want your piece to look.  Rinse the tin thoroughly again and completely dry.  You can now apply oil, wax, or WD-40 to prevent rusting.

  • 8oz Bottle
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